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menu Entrees OMG Resto

The Soup   5.00

Market Green   5.00

« Mac & Cheese » Fries   9.00
[truffle ketchup]

Local Beef Tartare   12.00
[onion rings, pickled vegetables, croutons]

Onion Rings   7.00
[sour cream and onion]

fried squid   12.00
[fried squid lithly seasonned with pepper, homemade tartar sauc]

Smoked Piglet Bites   10.00
[mini doughnuts stuffed with Quebec pulled pork, BBQ sauce, «La Station» cheese, smoke infused]

Local Chicken Wings  6 pcs... 9.00
  12 pcs... 17.00 [choose your sauce:
Buffalo, BBQ or spicy]

Party mix  4 pers... 29.00
  additional person ... +7.00 [chicken wings,
piglet bites,
onion rings,
mac and cheese fries,
crispy fried shrimp]

menu OMG Resto

Warm goat cheese salad   15.00
[arugula, apples, nuts, raisin bread]

Local beef tartare   18.00
[soft boiled egg, toast, served with fries]

New Brunswick Salmon tartare   21.00
[cucumbers, capers, coriander, shallots, spicy lime mayo, served with fries]

Fish ‘n’ Chips  18.00
[Nova Scotia wild haddock filet, kale coleslaw, tartar sauce, served with chips]

Shrimp tacos  18.00
[panko fried shrimps, arugula, mango and cilantro salsa, OMG chipotle sauce, fried onions, served with fries]

Mac & cheese bacon  15.00
[macaroni & cheese from "La Station", Coaticook and St-George, crispy bacon, parmesan crumbs and green onions]

menu on the grill OMG Resto

Grilled Baby Back Ribs   21.00
[BBQ sauce, kale coleslaw and sweet potato french fries]

AAA Grilled flank steak (7 oz)   28.00
[shallots and veal jus, served with fries]

Grilled striploin steak (10 oz)   31.00
[red wine veal jus, sauteed mushrooms, served with fries]

menu Burgers OMG Resto

[ All burgers are served with a french fries or a salad ]

Cheese bacon   15.00
[6 oz aged beef, bacon, cheddar]

Lady’s Burger   16.00
[6 oz aged beef, arugula, brie, apples, cranberries]

Men’s Burger   18.00
[6 oz aged beef, smoked meat, bacon, mushrooms, pickles, "Coaticook" Cheddar]

Veggie Burger   15.00
[lentils and rice cake, guacamole, pickled onion, cucumber, sour cream and onion, lettuce, tomato]

OMG Burger   24.00
[6 oz Qc Wagyu burger, mozzarella, red oignon, romain lettuce and OMG maple and chipotle sauce]

menu Poutines OMG Resto

Classic Poutine   13.00
[veal jus, skouik skouik cheese]

Pig’s Poutine   17.00
[pulled pork, bacon, blood pudding, BBQ sauce, veal jus, skouik skouik cheese]

AAA Angus Steak poutine   18.00
[AAA Angus steak , caramelized onions, mushrooms, veal jus, skouik skouik cheese]

Pimp ton burger OMG Resto

Add an extra + 2,00 each

sauteed mushrooms
caramelised Onions
gluten free bread

Pimp your plate OMG Resto

Replace your fries with

Poutine + 4
Sautéed vegetables + 3
Sweet potato + 3
French fries
Onion rings + 4
Small ceasar + 4

kids meal OMG Resto

Include’s Beverage

Caesar salad

Mini burger
[with or without cheese, served with fries]

OMG chicken nuggets
[served with fries]

Classic Poutine
[french fries, veal jus, skouik skouik cheese]

Tortellini rosé sauce

menu Desserts OMG Resto

OMG Cookie  3.00
[pretzel, coconut, Rice Krispies, chocolate, oatmeal]

Sundae OMG  7.00
[Coaticook vanilla-chocolate ice cream, brownies,chocolate sauce, black cherries compote]

Homemade Stuffed Chocolate Doughnuts   7.00
[sea salt caramel sauce, vanilla whipped cheese]

The Black Beast (gluten free)   8.00
[melting chocolat brownies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, sea salt caramel, red fruits]

«Chomeur» Pudding   9.00
[Coaticook vanilla ice cream]

A Meter of Pleasure  per pers. 7.00
[assortment (a line up) of our desserts]
(4 pers. and more…)

Omg Resto, Sherbrooke